Digital Spectator to Digital Immigrant!

Becoming a digital immigrant can be thrilling!  Two years I bought my mom a PC. It has been a upward climb for her, but this is now what she wrote -Poetry about her PC:

The sequence of my relationship to my pc has been something like this:
                              a machine with lots of buttons to learn
                              a machine that has buttons that I don’t have to learn and can still do what I WANT
                              a machine that does what “IT”wants and I am second [but I must communicate the" old" way to get it to do what I want]
                              now I am third
                              smooth sailing occurs for a while and I hope it will last forever
                               nonsense, nothing lasts forever but I can bask in all the wonderful experiences I have had in communicating ‘techy” and the knowledge that was gained
                              changes keep happening on my screen
                               now I have decided that it is an “entertainer” and I am here for the show
  I don’t know what the next curtain call will be but as long as I’ve paid for my ticket, I’ll enjoy the show!

 Feeling that I am at a tech show, helps ease the frustration and gives me the choices an “observer” has. Very gradually, I have moved from an audience seat to the “background crowd”. I admire  the real actors,stars and stage crew.
  Exposure to this entertainment is wonderful. Thanks again for my pc

HUGS from mom

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  1. Nancy says:

    Thanks for the share!

  2. Appreciated the share!

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