Through Our Weakness We are Strong

Your greatest strength is your greatest weakness, so why not work on your weakness to make it a strength! (Don’t think too hard; your brain may hurt!)

This past week, my graduate students have been brilliant. Ok. They are every week. But this past week, it has especially touched me. So, am I just sentimental?  Maybe, but my students continue to inspire me, even when I feel that my creativity is low.

This reminds me of the humbleness needed for teaching with tech: Why? As you saw in my last post, I get bummed out at times with technology, because it is impossible to keep up. And yes, I have limitations. But, through watching others and listening, we have the opportunity to grow, and best of all, through our limitations, learners share more ideas. As educators, we are conduits for empowering our students. This often happens through our weakness:

  • Our weakness gives students “permission” to go beyond what we can give them.
  • When we are transparent about our practice, open about our foibles, and rejoice with learners’ success, they seek new and innovative ways to expand our knowledge and make it into their own wisdom.

Tech encourages this teacher humbleness. Since tech moves so fast, it becomes impossible to be the keeper of all knowledge, blurring the line between teacher and student since we are all learners! (This is reported by all incredible tech integrators). Therefore, it is through our weakness that we give students permission to seek – which in turn – makes us strong!

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