Assisitive Tech: Android Phone – Speech to Text

If you have an Android Phone, use it for Speech-Text.  The Android has the Speak (microphone) feature built into anything that uses the keyboard. Of course this can be used for chatting, texting, and searching on the web. But, don’t forget about the things like emails or  things you have to write that may be put into documents or answers to questions – essay questions.

Student Use: Many students have the Android operating system phone. Let’s say a teacher gives an essay question. Then, the student  can “write” the answer  in an email, and send it to the teacher or self. The student writing would be talking the answer into the Android. The Android would type it out. empty

Now, do not think that the students gets off easy. A user needs to “speak” the structure. The student still has to say words like “period” or “question mark” at the end of a sentence. If the students wants a new paragraph, the student must say, “new paragraph.” And, as always, the spelling and grammar should be checked.

For academically bright students, this is the type of technology we want. The Android offloads dexterity issues and spelling, while focusing the students on the structure and content.

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