Effect of Instructor-Personalized Multimedia in the Online Classroom

This article provided an experiment using the role of multimedia during an online class. Online learning and distance education are becoming more popular at universities, especially for students who live far away that may find it difficult to physically attend classes. This article asks the simple question to teachers: “What makes your online class more effective and engaging than the next online class?” Having an online class with a bunch of links and directions on what readings to do, websites to visit, and assignments to complete isn’t exactly as engaging for a student as physically sitting in a classroom. This article looks at the effectiveness of having the voice, face, or interactive avatar of the teacher while students are taking the online course. Student engagement is a huge part of being able to gauge the effectiveness of a teaching method as well as a student’s comprehension of the subject material. For certain types of learners, having an online class and being able to interact with a professor proves far more effective than sitting home alone clicking a bunch of links and reading assignments. It was interesting to see that there was an impact on student engagement, learning, and success with the additional multimedia via video and voice from the professor in the online classroom. Even this small increase of interaction multiplied by all of the distance education classes offered in the country would in fact make a significant change for the better in student success in distance education. The only problem is– many professors don’t feel the need to strive for this personal interaction with their students. Some professors don’t have the time, and some don’t believe the interactions will be effective in their online classrooms.

Title: Effect of Instructor-Personalized Multimedia in the Online Classroom
Page Count: 13
Type of Reading: Action Research
Worth: ***
Why: I gave the article three stars because the topic and research experiment done were really insightful and had supporting arguments and data. It also provided further research on a topic that most professors don’t think about, yet it could be helping their students become more engaged in their class. I didn’t give it five stars because after all of the research, there was a lot of inconclusive evidence and lacked concrete answers.
Reference: Mandernach, B. (2009). Effect of Instructor-Personalized Multimedia in the Online Classroom. The International Review Of Research In Open And Distance Learning, 10(3). Retrieved fromhttp://www.irrodl.org/index.php/irrodl/article/view/606/1263
Reviewed By:  Barbara Haug

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