Mobile Technology Used in an Adventurous Outdoor Learning Activity: A case study

In this study, two groups within the age range of ten to fourteen, were formed to experiment with Geocaching, a treasure hunting activity. Using a PDA (personal digital assistant) equip with GPS, students were asked to navigate outdoors through a series of check points to collect clues leading them to the final destination: treasure.

This case study is an example of a constructivist learning activity on informatics education, which incorporates mobile technology. Throughout the activity, learners were observed and interviewed. Interviews found that students were motivated, continually engaged, and met their learning objectives. Student collaboration was essential in this exercise. Students were challenged with real world situations such as GPS calibration, technical accuracy, and GPS application.

This study marks trends in mobile technologies and their relationship with eLearning and informatics. It also addresses trends occurring in the business sector in regards to learning, training and communication. Mobile technologies are now becoming a valuable vehicle to incorporate into different educational situations. With vast accessibility, mobile technologies can expose students to a number of career related experiences. For educators as well as students, mobile technology provides convenience, flexibility, and the ability to fit many learning styles. When used for indoor or outdoor classroom activity, mobile technology can improve social learning, increase engagement and provide support in context sensitive learning. As educators and instructional designers, these themes also coincided with trends in social media and eLearning.

Title: Mobile Technology Used in an Adventurous Outdoor Learning Activity: A case study
Page count: 9 pages
Type of reading: Action research
Worth: ***
Why: Inspirational for ideas on how to use cross-curricular technology integration while teaching real world application.
APA reference: Palmárová, V., & Lovászová, G. (2012). MOBILE TECHNOLOGY USED IN AN ADVENTUROUS OUTDOOR LEARNING ACTIVITY: A CASE STUDY. Problems Of Education In The 21St Century4464-71.
Review: Stacy Keller


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