Postgame analysis: using video-based coaching for continuous professional development

Medical Researchers collaborated with multimedia technologist to develop video based training tools. The tools were designed to help monitor the growth process of doctors and medical surgeons in the field of study, primarily performance. The research consisted of surgeons watching an informative, demonstrational video of specific procedures performed within the field. They video recorded senior surgeons, with ample field experience, displaying their coaching techniques and medical styles. A group of premature surgeons with limited experience were then video and audio recorded demonstrating their craft.

What’s video based Training? Video based training is the use of instructional multimedia tools, (i.e. video recorders, audio devices, computers) to aid one’s training and help an individual better comprehend the information at hand. This study is ongoing in the medical field, and with the help of multimedia devices, it has provided answers and helpful results. At all levels, this video based experience has proven beneficial to surgeons on all instructional levels. Multimedia has been a great avenue for training within various companies. The use of various technologies can aid the various learning styles in a work environment and make the material easier to comprehend. The medical field can use multimedia to their advantage with the use of iPads to help with initial registration process, recording devices for training, and photography and editing as visual aids. Ultimately this article displayed the importance for the development of multimedia training in the medical field and beyond.

Title: Postgame analysis: using video-based coaching for continuous professional development
Type of Reading: Academic Research article
Why: Important for medical advancements, but a bit hard to comprehend if not in medical field.
Reference: Hu, Y., Peyre, S. E., Arriaga, A. F., Osteen, R. T., Corso, K. A., Weiser, T. G., & … Greenberg, C. C. (2012). Postgame Analysis: Using Video-Based Coaching Journal of the American College of Surgeons; Jan2012, Vol. 214 Issue 1, p115-124, 10
Reviewed By: Katarah Jordan


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