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Systemic Change

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Encourage Respect: Respect = Kindness + Truth

Society is wrought with disrespect, even in graduate classrooms (with professionals), yet most do not even realize they are being disrespectful. However, classrooms need to be a space of professional safety. When cell phones are ringing, people are texting and … Continue reading

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Don’t Be a Victim: e-tutorial

Link: Don’t Be a Victim By: Alyssa Bolante Summary In this Captivate module you will learn how to make choices that keep you safe, prevent you from being a victim, and how to be a good witness to help … Continue reading

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Rhythm & Values – eTutorial

Link to Rhythm & Values eTutorial Summary: This tutorial covers different note and rest types, including whole, half, quarter, eighth, and sixteenth notes and rests. The tutorial also covers dotted half notes and rests and dotted quarter notes and … Continue reading

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Thesis Statements, Topic Sentences and Transitions: eTutorial

Link to Writing Basics:¬†Thesis Statements, Topic Sentences and Transitions Created by Ryan Sterner, December 2012 This is a basic tutorial I created to help my students distinguish between effect and ineffective thesis statements, topic sentences, and transitional topic sentences. … Continue reading

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AP Stats-Review: eTutorial

Link for AP Statistics Review: Created by Kristy Benner, December 2011 Summary: This tutorial serves as a review of AP Stats topics involving Statistical inference. Main items included are 1Proportion and 2Proportion Z Tests, 1Sample and 2Sample and Paired … Continue reading

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Assisitive Tech: Android Phone – Speech to Text

If you have an Android Phone, use it for Speech-Text.¬† The Android has the Speak (microphone) feature built into anything that uses the keyboard. Of course this can be used for chatting, texting, and searching on the web. But, don’t … Continue reading

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Remembering Excellence: Steve Jobs

Short & Sweet: You Tube of Talk at Standford – Excellent on Failure!: NY Times article:

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Assistive Technology that is Readily Accessible

There are many options within Windows or Apple computers that make them more accessible to learners. This PDF includes accessibility options for the following: Windows OS – XP & 7 Microsoft Office Windows 2003, 2007 & 2010 Mac – systems … Continue reading

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Learning from Other Countries – Developing a Valued Teaching Profession!

Article: Raising teacher quality around the world Do you know that other high-performing countries spend a higher proportion of their education dollar on teachers than we do here in the United States? In this article Vivian Stewart illuminates various strategies … Continue reading

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