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Double Stuff Oreo of Technology Integration Research

Research study: What Forty Years of Research Says About the Impact of Technology on Learning: A Second-Order Meta-Analysis and Validation Study The real question for technology advocates: does technology really make a difference to academic achievement? Don’t YOU want to … Continue reading

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Digital Spectator to Digital Immigrant!

Becoming a digital immigrant can be thrilling!  Two years I bought my mom a PC. It has been a upward climb for her, but this is now what she wrote -Poetry about her PC: The sequence of my relationship to … Continue reading

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Through Our Weakness We are Strong

Your greatest strength is your greatest weakness, so why not work on your weakness to make it a strength! (Don’t think too hard; your brain may hurt!) This past week, my graduate students have been brilliant. Ok. They are every … Continue reading

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Digial Immigrant’s Lament into Internal Relief

I am a digital immigrant and hate it. My fingers do not fly across a keyboard or operate with smooth finesse on a smart phone. I often hit the wrong button and wonder what the __ am I doing. As … Continue reading

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